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Azure Service Fabric Mesh

Service Fabric Mesh
Azure Service Fabric Mesh is an extension of the Azure Service Fabric. In another words, we can also say that it is a kind of Serverless version of Azure Service Fabric.

Azure Service Fabric Mesh is a fully managed service which works on “code and deploy” fashion. It enables developers to develop & deploy Microservices applications without managing virtual machines, storage, networking, or infrastructure. It works by analyzing the resource requirements of each application and the available infrastructure, then automatically scales, rolls out upgrades and self-heals whenever it’s required.
The platform supports both Linux and Windows containers, Microsoft said.
With Azure Service Fabric Mesh, developers can deploy container-based Microservices directly from the Azure Portal or Command Line Interface, or from within Microsoft’s integrated development environment Visual Studio.             

Azure Service Fabric Mesh tools that allow developer to debug and publish their apps to cloud. Once it’s deployed, Azure Service Fabric Mesh runs in the background, automating functions such as scaling, service discovery and other maintenance tasks.

The people who are using Visual Studio for their development work need to do below two things to start development for Azure Service Fabric Mesh:

1.      They need to download & Install Azure Service Fabric Mesh tools from
2.      They also need to download & install MicrosoftAzure-ServiceFabric-SDK-Mesh at his machine.

Once you install these two things, you can start seeing below project templates in your Visual Studio:

You can create both frontend and backend application using these templates. To create frontend application, you can select “Web Application” or “Web Application (MVC)” project template and for backend application, you can select “API” project template.

Once you create your project, you can see your project structure as below:

You can download the complete sample from below link:


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