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Infrastructure Automation OR Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as a code means create your required infrastructure through the code written using PowerShell or Azure CLI or Terraform. 

The purpose of infrastructure as code is to enable developers or operations teams to automatically manage, monitor and provision resources, rather than manually configure discrete hardware devices and operating systems.

Here I am not going to much focus on what is Infrastructure as a code rather I will prefer to focus more on

1. How to learn it?,

2. How to write the code for it?,

3. How to execute the code? and

4. How to automate whole process?

There are various way to write code to create infrastructure but I will mainly focus on using Terraform script to create infrastructure. You can see the whole steps at this Github link

For the simplicity, I have created two folders in this repository one is learning and another is practical. I will suggest to first refer the learning part and then come to practical part.

For details, please visit refer my Github repository